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  见过纹身满臂的彪形大汉吗,其实他们也怕疼!仔细看看没准儿他们用的是国内产的纹身袖套。 截图 via Twitter   People jealous of arm tattoos but fearful of the pain can get a pair of them from Chinese retailers and become a “cool person.”   羡慕别人的炫酷花臂又怕纹身太疼的小伙伴有福了,你们现在可以从中国商家那来一对“花臂”从而一举成为“社会人”。 Searching “tattoo sleeve” on AliExpress, the global retail platform of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, generates 11,337 results in all styles, including flowers, dragons and comic characters. One can easily get one for less than a dollar plus shipping.   在阿里巴巴的海外销售平台阿里速卖通上搜索“纹身袖套”有11337个结果,袖套的样式有花朵、龙和动漫人物。花不到1刀再加上运费就可以买到一只。   The highest-ranking sleeves on AliExpress received 2,491 comments from the US, Russia, Poland, Italy, Brazil and other countries.   排名最高的袖套有2491个来自各地的评价,包括美国、俄罗斯、波兰、意大利和巴西等国家。 截图 via 速卖通   Eighty-two percent of buyers gave a 5/5 review of the product. “Excellent product. You won't be disappointed. Looks so real. Super fast delivery,” one customer said. “Looks real. Scared relatives,” a Russian customer wrote.   82%的买家给了五星好评。一个买家表示“超棒的产品。你绝不会失望。看上去非常真。快递也很快。”另一个俄罗斯买家写道“看上去很真,吓到了我的亲戚。” 截图 via 速卖通   Photos posted by buyers show that the tattoo sleeves not only conquered young people, but also senior citizens and children alike.   从买家秀不难看出,这种袖套不仅征服了年轻人,连老人和小孩子也非常喜欢。 截图 via 速卖通   来看看国外网友的沙雕买家秀! 黑沙发红窗帘和黑红相间的纹身是不是超和谐。截图 via 速卖通 你可以没有腹肌 但不能没有炫酷的花臂。截图 via 速卖通 竖起我的大拇指。截图 via 速卖通 完美.jpg   截图 via 速卖通   A Global Times reporter found such sleeves are also available on Amazon, but with fewer choices and higher prices.   记者发现这种袖套在亚马逊上也有卖,不过款式、种类会少一些,价格也更贵。   The success of tattoo sleeves led to an expansion into other apparel, such as tattoo T-shirts and leggings.   纹身袖套的热销也扩展到了其他领域,比如纹身T恤和纹身紧腿裤。 图 via 速卖通   The tattoo sleeves craze in foreign countries is in sharp contrast to its cold reception in their birthplace, China. Chinese buyers who choose such sleeves normally use them to protect them from sunlight, like drivers and motorcyclists.   纹身袖套在海外受到的热捧和在国内遭受的冷遇形成了鲜明对比。中国买家通常为了防晒才买,像是司机或者摩托车手。   Results of a search of “tattoo sleeves” in Chinese on Alibaba’s Taobao platform are buried at the bottom of the page, with few purchases and comments.   在淘宝上搜纹身袖套,真正带纹身的袖套都在搜索页的最下面,销量和评论也都不太高。   Sensing the popularity of tattoo sleeves in West, one user on Zhihu, China’s Quora-like platform, asked if anyone will buy it. The answers were overwhelmingly negative. “It looks so fake and corny,” one of them said.   发觉纹身袖套在国外走红后,知乎网友提了问题:你会买不?大部分答案是否定的。一个网友说“这看上去也太假,太老土了吧”。   The opposite reaction to such a product indicated “the different perceptions of tattoos in China and the West,” Zhu Wei, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times on Wednesday.   中国政法大学的朱巍教授说,对纹身袖套的不同反应体现了中西方对纹身的不同理解。   Zhu noted that in ancient China, tattoos were used to mark criminals in prison, which has an impact on Chinese people’s understanding of tattoos – not a positive cultural symbol. When people, especially the older generations, see a tattoo, the first impression they get is likely to be one of danger and “bad guys” in society, Zhu said.   他解释道,在古代,纹身(文面)是用来标识罪犯的,这种传统影响了中国人对纹身的理解,觉得它不是积极向上的文化符号。人们,特别是老一辈人看到纹身的人,第一反应常常是这些人是危险分子或是坏人。   你会买这种袖套变身“社会人”吗?   文:Zhang Han   整合:A君

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